League of Legends - Lunar Revel Statues and Baron Concept

Hey guys, here is some work I did for Lunar Revel at Riot Games. I was able to work on the statues on the League of Legends map. This was an amazing collab work. In order to make it faster I have used the models that is done by Ryan Ribbot, his op work helped me a lot. And I also want to thank Pio Ravagio, his feedback always makes me improve a lot! These are painted according to fixed lighting and they only look good from this angle so I could not share the 3D viewer files. For this beauty shots I have changed the lighting in the textures a bit since it was a bit different angle from the ones that are in the game.

I was also able to work on the Lunar Revel Baron concept. While making it Hing Chui and Charles Liu gave me some awesome feedback can't thank them enough!

Thanks a lot for checking it out everybody!!