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There is a New Bard in Town

Hey guys, this is a project that has been development for a very long time. It started at awesome Brushforge class as a bard a character that is mix of Thom Merrilin from Wheel of Time and Kvothe from KingKiller that lives in a Hearthstone Universe. I could not finish this for many reason during the road but here it is finally. This char was important for me because this is a project that I got feedback from all of my mentors during the journey. Daniel Orive, Pio Ravago, Kelvin Tan, Jesse Carpenter, Grace Liu, Dusty Nolting. I can't thank them enough and I can't emphasize how grateful I am to have these many badass artists that helps me in my journey. I guess in a way this char belongs to them as much as it belongs to me . PS; I modeled and textured the hearthstone tavern concept that I found on the web. Don't know the original concept artist for that. And big thanks to my good friend Daniel Kraft for helping me out with the posing <3. He is my magician!